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Star Symbol

Star Symbol or Star Emoji in text

Star Symbol

Star Emoji or Star Emoticon - Star Text Symbol

Copy and Paste exclusive Star symbols or Star Text Symbol.

Stars are the most prominent and expressive emoji to showcase an emotion.

Alternatively, you can highlight the desired Star Symbol or Star Text Symbol from the below list and use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste it.

Star Text Symbol

What is Star Symbol or Star Emoji ?

Stars have always fascinated humans and animals alike.
Since pre-historic times humans have gazed the stars and believed them to epitome of high positions.
Even in contemporary times we see stars as synonymous to achievement or success or some positive event.
This is where star symbol or star emoji comes to play.
It generally showcases achievement or success or happiness regarding something.
What do you use it for?

What is Star Text or Star Text Symbol ?

A star shaped symbol, be it in pentagon or hexagon shaped, in text or ascii format to showcase it in terms of emoticon or star emoji is known as Star Text or Star Text Symbol. The star icons or outlined stars can be typed using keyboard ascii characters and showcased as a typed star.
Symbols have historically been used to portray several meanings. Similarly, star icons or outlined stars or typed stars are used to display emotions of positiveness.

How to use this tool?

The steps to use it are as follows:
Step 1: Scroll through the various Star Symbol or Star emoji on the page. Look on the left panel to directly go on the page.
Step 2: Click on the Star Symbol you like. It would be automatically copied to your clipboard.
Step 3: Go to the desired platform where you want to use the Kaomoji. Simply paste it and use it.

What are the other types of Star Symbols or Star Emoji

There are several other types of Star Emoji such as :
1. star icons
2. outlined star
3. typed star
4. emoji star eye
5. pentagram emoji
6. black star emoji
7. white star emoji
8. shooting star emoji
9. star eye emoji
10. star outline emoji
Different emojis could be made by changing the character represention.

What is the History or Origin of Star Emoji and Star Symbols ?

Humanity, and animals alike, have been fascinated with stars from the begning of time.
Shooting stars were the most bewildering and amazing object to look at the star filled night.
Few people understood that these outlined stars that they were seeing were nothing but the light emitted from the star a few years ago!

Yes, the star that you would see is actually what it was looking like a some years ago! It is not the current position of the star since the distance till earth is a few light years and thus that light takes years to travel and reach us. Similarly, the shooting star is also a dying star which sent its light years ago and is reaching us now.

Pole star is another popular star known because of its direction in the north and helping sailors at sea. (In times when there were no GPS systems.)

Soon when computers along with keyboards became the norm, it was possible to create star symbols from text easily and ubiquitously.
Thus it started gaining more momentum and popularity till it grew exponentially with the advent of digital age.

What are the Use-Cases and Importance?

Today, we use star symbol and star text symbols virtually everywhere from whatsapp messaging to facebook posts or be it twitter tweets or instagram captions.
You name it and you would see the use of star symbols on the said platforms.
This is because we are still fascinated with stars and it provides and expressive or unique emoji to display success or achievement of some sense.

Look at some of the usage of Star symbols below:
Star Stamp. Many rubber stamps are made using star symbols. Use star circle for round rubber stamps.
Star Rating ★★★☆☆ A star rating is a rating question that lets people rate a product or service with a number of stars. The most popular is the 5 star rating.
Star Logo. The star in circle symbol ⍟ is great for a circle star logo design.
Star Tattoo Design. The star tattoos are a symbol of honor, hope, intuition, desire, guidance, and much more. The nautical star tattoo designs are really popular among men.
Star Icon. The star icons can be used in web design, mobile apps and presentations.
Star Christmas Cards. The star is a symbol of Christmas. The stars and the snowflakes ❄ are also symbols of winter holidays.

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