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Laughing Emoji - Laughing Emoticons

Laughing Emoji

One click copy and paste

What is Laughing Emoji ?

Laughter is the best medicine and one should be often happy and laughing.
In real life people can see each other laughing by looking at their face.
But, in digital world how do you portray the laughin emotion through digital medie such as social media networks messaging apps?
We use emoji or text based emoticons to portray our emotions.
This is what is laughing emoji essentially.
It is those types of emoji or emoticons that showcase laughing smiley emoticons.

Use Cases

Laughing Emoji has several use cases such as those listed below for reference:
In messaging apps when a user has cracked a joke or posted a funny story and the listener would like to portray his emotion of laughter, he could use a laughing emoticon to express his feeling.
Similarly, on social media platforms, if a post is shared and appears to be appealing and funny while evoking laughter in the readers mind, he or she would then like to use a laughing emoji to tell the world about how they felt about this particular post.
Moreover, when users are on live video call through platforms such as skype or whatsapp call, or even facetime for that matter, they could use such emoticons on the chat just to display their feelings and emotion.
Nowdays, even live streaming platforms such as youtube and instagram allow users to post emoticons. Here, the person going live is the one who is visible on the screen while other users or followers can comment on the chat section. This is mostly a one way text chatting where the users type in chatboxes while the original poster (the person creating the live) can simply speak his or her mind on the camera. This is where emoticons again come into picture. Since the users or followers can only type through the chat box to display their emotions, they would prefer emoticons such as laughing emojis to showcase how they are feeling.
This is even beneficial for the original user who has gone live. Since, now he or she can visually gauge how their audience are feeling or reacting to what they are saying live on the channel. Otherwise, reading the text - which scrolls very fast for large number of users - becomes difficult to comprehend and gauge the audience reaction.

There are several more applications and uses of laughing emoji. Infact, it is so ubiquitous and we are surrounded by such emoticons everywhere.
Try and notice in a day how many such emojis do you come across and in which formats. You would be bewildered and amazed!
If you find any unique or interesting use case of laughing emoji - do let us know through the contact us section. We would be glad to read about it and post it here for our users to read as well.

How to take advantage with for emoticons?

Following approach can be used:
First: Go through the various laughing emoji in this page.
Second: Left click the emoticon you wish to copy. It will get copied on to the clipboard automatically.
Third: Go back on the platform where you would like to paste the emoji. Right click or use ctrl + v to paste it.
Thats it!
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