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Shy Kaomoji - Japenese Emojis such as blushing Kaomoji or Japenese Emoticons ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ ✅

Shy Kaomoji

Copy and Paste various Shy Kaomoji or Japenese Emoticons a.k.a Japanese Emojis

Copy and Paste exclusive japanese emoticons or japanese emojis such as Shy Kaomoji, Blushing Kaomoji, Happy Kaomoji, Sad Kaomoji.

Simply click on any of the shy kaomoji or other Japenese Emoticons listed below to copy it on the clipboard.

Alternatively, you can highlight the desired kaomoji or Japenese emojis from the below list and use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste it.

Shy Kaomoji / Blushing Kaomoji

Happy Kaomoji

Sad Kaomoji

What is Kaomoji or Japenese Emoji (Japanese Emoticons) ?

Kaomoji also known as Japanese Emoji (Japenese Emoticons) are set of emoticons made using special characters from the keyboard to represent some fascinating human facial expressions such as Shy , Happy , Sad.
Now, You might wonder that this is the same as an emoji! Because, even emojis or emoticons have this characteristic representation of facial expressions and convey the similar feelings using characters from the keyboard.
However, the fundamental difference between an emoticon/emojis and Kaomoji or Japenese Emoticons is that you wpuld have to tilt your head to read the former while the latter is read straight forward.
For example, to read :) smiley, you would need to tilt your head. However, for (*_*) you would not need to tilt your head.
The former is western emoji or emoticon, whereas the latter is the Kaomoji or Japenese emoticon.
Additionally, Japenese emojis are made up of specical Japenese characters along with letters, numbers and punctuation marks, which make the kaomojis more stunning and spectacular in overall appearance.

What is Shy Kaomoji?

Shy Kaomoji is a special type of Japenese emoticon which expresses the shy feeling using special Japenese characters along with letters, numbers and punctuation marks.
For example, the star symbol or * character would represent the blushing or shy part of the cheeks in facial expression. Similarly the 0 character represents the eyes of a face.
Thus, using such unique types of characters the entire shy face is made and this is what is called as Shy Kaomoji or Shy Japenese emoticons.

How to use this tool?

The steps to use it are as follows:
Step 1: Scroll through the various Kaomoji or Japenese emoji on the page. Look on the left panel to directly go on the page.
Step 2: Click on the kaomoji you like. It would be automatically copied to your clipboard.
Step 3: Go to the desired platform where you want to use the Kaomoji. Simply paste it and use it.
how to use shykaomoji

What are the other types of Kaomojis or Japenese Emoticons (Japenese Emojis)

There are several other types of Kaomojis such as :
1. Shy Kaomoji
2. Happy Kaomoji
3. Cute Kaomoji
4. Blushing Kaomoji
5. Angry Kaomoji
6. Sad Kaomoji
7. Beer Kaomoji
8. Shrug Kaomoji
9. Love Kaomoji
10. Birds Kaomoji
Different emojis could be made by changing the character represention. for example, for the eyes, "T" can be used to express crying or sadness, Like: (T_T). Similarly, T_T may also be used to mean "unimpressed".

What is the History or Origin of Kaomoji and Japenese Emoticons (Japenese Emojis)?

In the Western Side, The Loufrani family (being inspired by Scott Fahlman's idea of using faces in language) established The Smiley Company in 1996. However, in the easter side (Japan), Kaomoji started gaining popularity in 1986 through online service ASCII NET. Similar-looking emoticons were used on the Byte Information Exchange. The difference was in the ways the characters were placed.
Soon when keyboards become more inclusive and incorporated more characters, it was possible to create Kaomojis easily and ubiquitously. Thus it started gaining more momentum and popularity till it grew exponentially with the advent of digital age.

What are the Use-Cases and Importance?

Japenese emojis or Kaomojis are generally used while chatting or conversing digitally on platforms such as facebook chat, whatsapp chat, instagram and others. Additionally, it is also used on posts for instagram, twitter and facebook.
The importance and use case is essentially to express facial expressions and moods to another person on digital platform.

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